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business intelligence service – it bi business analyst
面議 8年以上 本科
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the it department of louis dreyfus company, for its business intelligence service, is currently looking for a bi business analyst to be based in beijing.
in a dynamic and under transformation it organization you will have the possibility to become a change booster and play a key role on business process transformation to enable innovative and faster decision making processes driven by analytic insights.
we invite you to join our team if you aim to make the difference with your contribution and establish yourself as a key member of our it organization.
what personal characteristics will make you successful in this role:
? curiosity and eagerness for exploring and understanding complex business processes
? attention to details and inclination to find new analysis perspectives
? natural sense of duty and urgency to drive the change
? inclination to make improvements, find new ideas, techniques and procedures to enhance quality or value of your solutions portfolio
? quick learner with the ability to work independently and with little prompting
? flexibility and sense of adaptability in a quick changing background scenario and no uncomfortable feelings in front of ambiguity
? marked communication skills: ability to negotiate and influence both internally and externally with different layers of users
what will be your mission:
? establish a relationship with your business partners to analyze and understand their business processes and bi needs searching for opportunities to improve and transform business processes discovering new perspectives and insights via analytics bi applications usage for faster, sharper and fact driven decision making process or via data collection and preparation automation
what will be your duties & responsibilities:
? responsible for project success owning project scope and being responsible for your bi applications adoption and business partner engagement to drive business transformation
? support project definition, initial cost assessment of projects and integration of various project suppliers and vendors.
? ensure assigned project deliverables stay within stated timelines, scope, and costs. review/define acceptance criteria.
? create strong and trusting relationship with your key business partners, super-users and it colleagues
? assist the business in determining how business requirements are integrated into the other processes
? responsible for gathering and translating business requirements into detailed function specifications and managing requests for changes to the specifications
? manage inter-dependencies across other projects and interdependent organizations
? provide management with accurate and timely status reports of all projects/scope as assigned
? escalate and resolve in a timely manner issues, scope change requests or budget concerns
? ensure documentation is up to date
? work closely with the super-users of your application/solution being intermediary between them and our external delivery partners to develop or support your bi applications
? support business partners in the creation of the test cases and in their day by day application usage. organize the training of key and end users as required
? learn all core technologies in the bi it portfolio and how to build reports and bi applications from the data using them proficiently
? work closely with global bi team on solution integration and rollout in region
what previous experiences will facilitate you to be successful:
? about 8 years of proven experience as business analyst type of role in it projects implementation
? previous experience in business intelligence area applied to commodities or financial products will be considered a plus
? previous experience in a client facing role will be considered a plus
? previous experience in kpis definition and storytelling visual analytics implementation will be considered a plus
? it consulting background and it hands-on experiences will be considered a plus
? have worked in past in a multi-cultural environment
what soft skills will make you successful:
? excellent in execution being able to create a sense of urgency and focus on high value items
? good solution design and implementation skills (understanding on functional business process in solution design and value drivers identification)
? good project management skills (scope and quality management, resource management, budget management, issue management, stakeholder management)
? excellent teamwork, communication & collaboration skills
? strong analysis, synthesis and communication capacity (written and oral)
? fluent in english
? flexible, ability to prioritize and manage many open cases at one time
what technical skills will make you successful:
? good knowledge of front end and data visualization tools for bi applications implementation (dashboard, cockpits, analytics, reports) with preferably previous experience in one of:
o sap bo suite ( webi, design studio, lumira, boa)
o microsoft power bi
o qlik
o tibco spotfire
o ibm cognos suite
? design and developments skills on data structure and data flow for backend implementation, etl, datawarehousing with preferably previous experience in one of:
o sap bw / hana / bods
o mssql or similar technologies
o microsoft azure framework
o talend etl software
? business rules coding and bi systems architecture knowledge and previous experiences will be considered a plus
- university bachelor or master degree in it, engineering, math, physics (others only if with previous proven it experience)
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